50+ Community Helpers name in Hindi and English with picture, list

Community Helpers name in Hindi and English :- नमस्कार दोस्तों, Helpers हमारे लिए और हमारे सोसाइटी और देश के लिए काफी कुछ करते हैं  लेकिन यह बहुत खराब बात है कि यह हम लोग उन्हें याद नहीं रख पाते हैं इसीलिए दोस्तों इस आर्टिकल में हम आपको 50 Community Helpers name बताएंगे वह भी picture के साथ।

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जिन्हें आप याद रख सकते हैं। एग्जाम में यह सवाल आने पर उसका उत्तर भी दे सकते हैं। तो चलिए जानते हैं 10,15, 20, 50 Community Helpers के नाम हिंदी और इंग्लिश दोनों भाषाओं में।

Community helpers name (50 our helpers name list)

1) Cook / Chef (रसोइया)

Cook We prepare and feed delicious and good food for all the people. That’s why Cook is also Helpers for all of us.

2)  Fisherman (मछुआरा)

Fisherman is called a man who kills fish and sells it in the markets and after that we buy those fish from the markets. So that’s why the fisherman is a helper for us.

3) Policeman (सिपाही)

The work of police is done to automate all the law and order in our city and town and to prevent crime.

4) Shepherd (गड़ेरिया)

Shepherd, who is a sheep herder, is also a helper for all of us because sweaters, pants and shirts are made by these people from sheep’s hair. That’s why Shepherd is also a helpers for all of us.

5) Gardener (माली)

There is no doubt that Gardener people work to make nature beautiful and beautiful. That’s why Gardener is also Helpers for all of us.

6) Carpenter (बढ़ई)

Carpenter is the one who makes tables, posts, chairs and many other objects by cutting wood, he is called Carpenter. Carpenter is also our helper.

7) Nurse (उपचारिका)

Nurse who are in hospitals. She takes great care of our medicines and health at the time of hospitalization after all of us got sick. That’s why Nurses is a Helpers Community for all of us.

8) Waiter (परिचारक)

In the Waiter restaurant, we serve food for everyone and clean the tables. That’s why Waiter is also a helper for all of us.

9) Plumber (नलसाज)

Plumber is also a helper for all of us. Because plumber solves all the problems related to tap water in our homes.

10) Cleaner (सफ़ाईकार)

Cleaner is also a helper for all of us. The one who keeps the street and locality of all of us clean, that is, keeps the dirt clean, it is called Cleaner.

11) Potter (कुम्हार)

Potters are those who make pots and we keep all water in that pot and keep rice or grains. That’s why Potter is also a helper

12) Doctor (चिकित्सक)

Doctors who cure all diseases of our body. That too is a Helpers Community for all of us.

13) Shopkeeper (दुकानदार)

Shopkeeper is also a Helpers for all of us. Because those people provide us with everything we need.

14) Postman (डाकिया)

The postman who delivers letters to all of us is called Postman. Through the post office, all the important papers of all of us are delivered to our home by the postman. That’s why there is a Postman Helpers Community.

15) Firefighter (आग बुझानेवाला)

The team of firefighters do the work of extinguishing the fire after our house catches on fire or our society catches on fire. So Firefighter is also a Helpers for all of us.

16) Barber (नाई)

The Barber who cuts the hair of all of us is called Barber. And that’s why there are Helpers for us again and again.

17) Teacher (शिक्षक)

Teacher is the guide of all of us because teacher teaches us all about right and wrong and gives knowledge to us. That is why teachers are also Helpers for us.

18) Delivery Boy (डिलिवरी बॉय)

Delivery Boy is also a helper for all of us Because Delivery Boy delivers all our parcels and products on time and helps all of us a lot, so Delivery Boy is also a Helpers Community.

19) Milkman (दूधवाला)

Milkman is also a helper for all of us

Because Milkman is delivering milk and curd to our house every day, that’s why Milkman is also a Helpers Community.

20) Farmer (किसान)

Farmer is also called Annadata. Farmers are those who work in the fields and work hard to produce food grains for all of us. That’s why the farmer is also called a helper

21) Electrician (बिजली मिस्त्री)

Electricians are those people who fix the work related to the electric circuit of our home. That’s why Electrician is also a helper for us.

22) Sculpture (मूर्तिकार)

Sculpture is called a person who creates different types of sculptures. That’s why Sculpture is a helper for us.

23) Pilot (वायुयानचालक)

Pilot is called the person who operates the airplane. Pilot also helps us to get people from one place to another, that’s why pilot is also a helper for us.

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Our helpers name list

ImagesEnglish NamesHindi Names
Nurseउपचारिका, दाई
Firefighterफायर फाइटर
Porterबोझ ढोनेवाला
Waiterबायरा, चाकर

(50 our helpers name in english)

  1. Cook / Chef
  2. Firefighter
  3. Carpenter
  4. Barber
  5. Teacher
  6. Plumber
  7. Waiter
  8. Shopkeeper
  9. Potter
  10. Cleaner
  11. Delivery Boy
  12. Milkman
  13. Farmer
  14. Gardener
  15. Nurse
  16. Doctor
  17. Electrician
  18. Shepherd
  19. Policeman
  20. Fisherman
  21. Sculpture
  22. Pilot
  23. Postman
  24. Architecture
  25. Mechanic
  26. Lawyer
  27. Tailor
  28. mason
  29. Baker
  30. Worker
  31. Magician
  32. Scientist
  33. Writer
  34. Sailor
  35. cabller
  36. Astronaut
  37. Blacksmith
  38. Gold Smith
  39. Accountant
  40. Watchman
  41. Oil Man
  42. Journalist
  43. Physician
  44. Pedlar

50+ Our helpers name in hindi

  1. माली
  2. सिपाही
  3. मछुआरा
  4. रसोइया
  5. माली
  6. बढ़ई
  7. उपचारिका
  8. परिचारक
  9. परिचारक
  10. नलसाज
  11. सफ़ाईकार
  12. कुम्हार
  13. चिकित्सक
  14. दुकानदार
  15. डाकिया
  16. आग बुझानेवाला
  17. नाई
  18. शिक्षक
  19. डिलिवरी बॉय
  20. दूधवाला
  21. किसान
  22. बिजली मिस्त्री
  23. मूर्तिकार
  24. वायुयानचालक
  25. मिस्त्री
  26. वकील
  27. दर्जी
  28. राजगीर
  29. नानबाई
  30. मजदूर
  31. जादूगर
  32. वैज्ञानिक
  33. लेखक
  34. नाविक
  35. मोची
  36. अंतरिक्ष यात्री
  37. लोहार
  38. सुनार
  39. मुनीम
  40. तेली
  41. पत्रकार
  42. वैद्य
  43. फेरीवाला
  44. चपरासी

List of community helpers and their tools

Ans :- Airplane (Pilot), Pencil and Eraser (Teacher), Pot and Spoon (Chef).

What is the work of community helpers

Ans :- the work of community helpers is cooking, cleaning, society, teaching, treatment, deliver, etc

Watch This For More Information :-

50 Community Helpers name (video)

[ conclusion ]

दोस्तों अब हमें उम्मीद है कि अब आप इन 50 Community Helpers name को याद रखेंगे और एग्जाम में 20 Helpers name पूछे जाने पर इनका नाम लिख देंगे। तो यदि आपको यह लेख पसंद आया है और आप इस लेख से Helpers Community के नाम जान चुके हैं तो  इस लेख को अपने दोस्तों के पास भी शेयर करें..  धन्यवाद

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