100+ Birds Name in Hindi and English with Pictures

10,20,50,100 Birds Name in Hindi and English with Pictures :- Friends, in this article, we will tell 100 Birds Name in Hindi and English with pictures, so that you will be able to easily remember all Birds Name, so if you want to see the list of 50 Birds Name, then definitely see this article till the last.

100+ Birds Name in Hindi and English with Pictures

Alexandrine Parakeetसिकंदर, पहाड़ी तोता
Asian Koelकोयल
Blue jayनीलकंठ
Great Egretबगुला

Herbivorous Birds Name in English and Hindi

  1. Pigeon (कबूतर)
  2. Parrot (तोता)
  3. Swan (हंस)
  4. Chick (चूजा)
  5. Ostrich (ऑस्टरिच)
  6. Hummingbird (हमिंग बर्ड)
  7. Hen (मुर्गी)
  8. Rooster (मुर्गा)
  9. sparrow (गौरैया)
  10. Duck (बतख)

Carnivorous Birds Name in Hindi and English

  1. Eagle (गरूड़)
  2. Hawk (बाज)
  3. Peacock (मोर)
  4. Crow (कौआ)
  5. Vulture (गिद्ध)
  6. Owl (उल्लू)
  7. Kite (चील)
  8. Ostrich (ऑस्ट्रिच)
  9. Falcon (बाज)
  10. buzzards

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List of Birds Name in Hindi and English with Pictures

eagle (गरूड़)

The eagle is a carnivorous bird that preys on fish, rabbits, squirrels and prairie dogs. It has the characteristics of a vulture. The eagle has the ability to see very far, which helps it to see its prey from a distance.

Pigeon (कबूतर)

Pigeon is a herbivorous bird with a thick body, short legs and smooth feathers Which eats grains, seeds, greens, berries, fruits, snails and earthworms. Pigeons are found all over the world including India.

Peacock (मोर)

Peacock is the national bird of India, which is mostly found in the country of India, the history of this bird is found in Indian culture, so this bird is associated with the culture of India. Peacock birds are mostly known for their colorful long plumage which makes them more attractive than common birds.

Crow (कौवा)

Crow is an omnivores bird whose feathers are shiny black and this bird is mostly found in India. Its voice is a loud and obnoxious screech.

Parrot (तोता)

Parrot is a herbivorous bird that eats Corn, Beans, Carrots, Mango, Blueberries, Bananas, and Vegetables. Parrots are green or red color. Parrot is the most cute bird.

Sparrow (गौरैया)

Sparrow is an Indian bird that mostly found in small villages of India. The color of sparrow is of light brown color. It is a herbivorous bird that seates, grains and berries.

Swan (हंस)

Swan is white bird that are mostly found near water areas. It is a herbivorous bird which eats aquatic soundet.

ostrich (शुतुरमुर्ग)

The ostrich is the largest bird of the world, whose length is 9 to 10 feet. There are black and white colors in ostrich. The ostrich can add a lot of sharp with the help of its big feet. Ottrich’s egg is the biggest egg.

Owl (उल्लू)

Owl is a bird that mostly found in the darkness of the night. It sits on the top of the tree. Owl is a carnivorous bird, Which mostly eat small animals, worms and other small birds.

Duck (बतख)

Duck is a water bird. Those who like to go and live in water areas. It is white like a swan. Duck is an omnivorous bird that prefers to eat plants, insects, mollusks, fish eggs, and small fish.

FAQ :-
10 birds name list in hindi and English
  • Parrot. तोता
  • Crow. कौवा
  • Duck. बतख
  • Owl. उल्लू
  • Hawk बाज
  • Vulture गिद्ध
  • Peacock. मोर
  • Penguin. पेंगुइन
  • Pigeon. कबूतर
  • Hen. मुर्गी
Domestic birds name
  • Parrot ( तोता)
  • Hen (मुर्गी)
  • Peacock ( मोर)
  • Duck (बतख)
  • House sparrow (गौरैया)
  • Columbidae (कबूतर)

( Conclusion,निष्कर्ष )

So friends, in this article we have given 100 Birds Names in Hindi and English with Pictures, so if you have read the article till the end, I hope that with the help of this article you have remembered the names of all the birds, so if If you have liked this article, then do share this article with your other friends too..Thank you

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